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Jetech VT-140 Voltage Tester



  • Type: Normal
  • Jetech shaft is made of chrome vanadium molybdenum alloy steel which makes high hardness, high tenacity and optimal high torsion
  • Screwdriver tips with superior features: Jetech screwdriver blades, made of high quality chrome vanadium alloy steel, through precision machining process and consistent heat treatment, to make blade perfectly fit screw heads at use at achieve maximum torsion even higher than any country's product standard
  • Shaft and back-end joined design: Jetech go through softgrip screwdriver is designed its hexagonal shaft go through handle and joint the rear end impact cap which allow hammer striking force go through to shaft head without damage
  • The internal structure of screwdriver handle: Jetech screwdriver handle is made of modified Poloypropolene plastic inside and of Thermal Plastic Elastomer outer side to obtain the perfect comfortable hand gripping and high torsion simultaneously

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